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We supply Air Products at Four Seasons Fuel that offers a complete range of high performance industry-standard gases. These are available in a wide range including cylinders, cylinder packs and cryogenic liquid vessel sizes to meet various welding needs.
Air Products` Integra® cylinder was developed to meet the growing production and safety demands of the welding industry. It comes loaded with several features:

    Up to 23% lighter and 33% smaller than traditional 50 litre cylinders
    Much more stable than the larger 50 litre cylinders
    Retains similar capacity to the traditional 50 litre cylinder
    Built-in pressure regulator
    Quick and efficient connection system
    Range of flow control options
    Live contents gauge
    Overall the safer and easier operation
    Better reliability
Apart from the Integra® cylinder, a unique range of shielding gases has been developed to provide improved productivity, fewer welding rejects and an improved working environment. Our unique Maxx® range of shielding gases has been designed following rigorous testing under real working conditions and comprises the following:

    Ferromaxx® 15: For thick materials
    Ferromaxx® 7: For thin sheets
    Ferromaxx® Plus: The best gas option for carbon steel
    Inomaxx® - maximum performance for welding stainless steel
    Inomaxx 2: Provides excellent weld quality. Suitable for all material thickness and modes of metal transfer.
    Inomaxx® Plus: MAG welding. Suitable for all material thickness.
    Inomaxx® TIG: Suitable gas for TIG stainless.
Please feel free to contact us for specific applications and prices, rental charges and availability. We also stock a wide range of welding consumables, regulators and MIG and TIG welders at very competitive prices. Browse through for details.

Wide Range of Air Products at Four Seasons Fuel - LPG Gas