Importance of Investing in High-Quality LPG Gas Equipment for Workplace Safety

LPG gas has become an essential part of most businesses nowadays. Although gas cylinders are convenient to use, they must be stored correctly to avoid risks and damages. Gas accessories and equipment play a vital role in ensuring safety in the workplace.

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Standard Propane Brazing Torch Kit

A standard propane brazing torch kit comes with a flat nylon handle and operates under high-pressure conditions. It requires basic assembly before use.
These torches are commonly used for soldering, plumbing, electrical work, gas installation, and much more

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Importance of Gas Bottle Storage Cages

Owning a gas cylinder, while extremely useful, can be highly hazardous if not used properly. It is important that anyone who is going to be around the gas bottle knows its do’s and don’ts to avoid any mishaps and accidents at your workplace or otherwise.

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Disposable Helium Gas Cylinders Offer a Fantastic Option for your Helium Needs

Helium gas has multiple uses. Right from medical uses to rockets and airships to something as small as a balloon, there are many reasons why you may need to get your hands on some helium.Fortunately, helium is easily available for home use as well as trade and commercial use.

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Gas Bottles & Cylinders for your Business

Having a bar or restaurant business does not come easy. As well as everything else that you need to keep on top of on a day-to-day basis, you also need to make sure you have beverage gas available at all times. It can often be difficult to estimate when this gas has neared its end or needs replacement. Relying on someone who can make sure the gas reaches you exactly when you require it, even at a short notice is a blessing in disguise.

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Is Butane Gas Environmentally Friendly?

The short answer is simply, yes! Butane gas is an environmentally friendly gas and is one of the only gases which does not affect the ozone layer. This is why butane is the go-to choice for many people, especially when it comes to camping stoves and indoor use such as portable gas heaters.

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Benefits of Using Butane as BBQ Gas

Propane and butane are the choice of gases used for most gas fired appliances. Butane gas comes in a blue cylinder whereas propane gas in red cylinders. Butane is mainly used for camping, single burner appliances, and indoor portable heaters. When it comes to cost, butane tends to be a little cheaper compared to propane.

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Why is Beverage Gas Quality Important?

Gas forms one of the most important elements of the beverage industry. There are a number of processes that require good quality gases in order for the drink to reach their optimum taste, quality and life. Carbonation of beer and soft drinks is one of the most important applications of beverage gases. As well as imparting good taste, the gases also help protect the product quality, especially during the inertisation of tanks and filling operations. Without nitrogen for pressure stabilisation, the transportation and storage of non-carbonated beverages becomes more expensive and complex.

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How to Replace a Propane Gas Cylinder for your BBQ

Propane is used predominantly for commercial heating and large appliance fuel which is ideal for heating or cooking in catering vans. With bottles available in a variety of sizes from 3.9 kg to 47 kg though, many people also use them for their barbecues. Eventually, your propane cylinder will run dry and you’ll need to replace it. At this time, you may find yourself asking how do you replace a propane gas cylinder for BBQs? Well don’t panic, we are here to help.

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Gas Bottle Storage Cages for Industrial Environments

Gas cylinders in industrial spaces should ideally be stored outside. It is one of the main recommendations included in the storage and handling of compressed gases to ensure safety. Wherever possible the cylinder storage should be isolated and should ideally be away from the main worksite, operations, building, and the production areas. Here are the main safety norms that are a must

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Benefits of LPG bulk tanks for your Business

If you are a business that requires high volumes of LPG, the best source for this are LPG bulk tanks. Commercial businesses such as factories, transport terminals, as well as agricultural or construction spaces benefit quite a bit from bulk tank installations.

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Helium Cylinders: Safety and Storage

Helium gas cylinders contain compressed helium gas and much the same as any other cylinders, helium cylinders should be handled properly to avoid any mishaps. Helium cylinders can safely be transported in a car or other forms of ground transportation; however, they are not permitted to be transported by air.  

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Storage Safety Norms for Gas Cylinders

There are different safety rules and regulations for storage of gas cylinders.

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Importance of Propane Gas Regulators

Propane gas regulators control the output pressure of the gas and can be adjusted to a desired pressure as required. Propane tank pressure can range anywhere between 100 and 200 psi, however, it could go higher when the tank gets heated up in the sun. For safe use, this propane tank pressure has to be reduced and regulated for use in your home, caravan, motor home, or with an outdoor gas appliance.

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Uses of Butane Gas

The 13 kg butane gas bottles are the preferred choice for many on account of them being easy to use and portable. This portability makes them ideal for light commercial use, such as heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans. The 13 kg butane gas bottles are convenient for domestic use as well. These are commonly used for your outdoor cooking, BBQs and patio heaters. Butane is safe to use and can be used almost anywhere. The fact that butane burns quickly and immediately reaches maximum heat output is another advantage. The 13 kg cylinder can easily give you 43 hours of burning with one burner and 32 hours of burning with two burners.

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Cylinder or Bulk Tanks?

If you are planning to make a switch from oil or any other kind of heating source to LPG, the question often asked is whether to switch to gas bottles or bulk tanks, as both can make great options. But if you are switching to gas for the first time, we would suggest that you first switch to a gas bottle before progressing to a bulk tank.

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Above and Below Ground Bulk Tank Installation

Bulk LPG storage tanks can be installed quickly and easily with minimum fuss. The installation can be done above or below ground, but what are the differences?

Well the choice between the two options depends heavily on the relevant specifications as well as local regulations. These are probably the two main aspects to consider and are typically a deciding factor when it comes to selection of a bulk tank installation.

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Blow Torch Buying Guide

Confused about which blow torch to go for? It is an easier decision to make when you can identify your requirements. First things first; Cartridge or Cylinder? What are you looking for? A small and handy handheld cartridge blow torch or a large propane cylinder blow torch that needs to be connected to a larger cylinder with a regulator and hose?

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Caring for your Gas Cylinder Regulators

Gas equipment and accessories play an important role in facilitating smooth functioning of your gas fuelled appliances. Therefore, it is very important that you buy good quality accessories and maintain them well. Gas cylinder regulators for instance need to be maintained well so that there are no issues with its functionality. A dirty regulator can carry debris or grease into your gas appliance when you use it.

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The Helium Effect

You’ve probably seen the viral videos all over the internet with people inhaling helium, causing them to sound like a cartoon chipmunk. You’ve maybe even tried it yourself! Hilarious? Certainly! Dangerous? Definitely!

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Why is it important to choose the right Gas Regulator?

Each gas regulator has been designed to fit a specific type of cylinder valve. Regulators do not fit any valve other than the ones that they have been designed for. For instance, a propane cylinder valve has a screw thread and only propane regulators fit the valve safely.

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Cylinder Refill Agreement

At Four Seasons Fuels, we provide gas refill services which you can make use of in case you are running on empty and need to refill or exchange a gas bottle. You can also refill your existing gas cylinder through our store.

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Commercial Gas Supply

Is your home or business site off the main network grid? If you have a large gas requirement, bulk gas could be an economical option for you. At Four Seasons Fuels, we provide a dependable and efficient bulk gas installation and supply service. We can install a bulk tank for you that will ensure an unhindered supply to your home for heating, cooking, and hot water just like a mains supply.

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Camping Gas Cylinder Bottles

Campingaz Gas is the most commonly used gas worldwide for camping and caravanning. This gas, which is often a mix of propane and butane, comes in gas bottles of different sizes. Campingaz 907 is the most popular cylinder size and is suitable for a number of camping appliances. The 904 on the other hand is a smaller size version of the 907 Campingaz cylinder, and can also be used with most of the appliances.

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11 kg Patio Gas Cylinder

There are two versions of the 11kg propane cylinders. One is the regular propane gas bottle and the other is the propane patio gas bottle. Is there a difference between the two? Just one - how the regulator connects. The propane patio gas cylinder takes a clip-on regulator whereas the regular propane cylinder makes use of a screw-in regulator. Patio Gas is an all-weather performance patio heater cylinder. It is compatible with the easy fit 27mm clip-on regulator and requires no tools for assembly.

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Gas Cylinder for BBQ

Camping gas comes in two distinct gas bottles - coloured red with propane and blue with butane. These are commonly used for camping and caravanning purposes as they utilise gas-fired equipment. The choice of gas to be used depends a lot on the climatic conditions of the location. Butane isn’t the best choice for colder regions as it condenses at lower temperatures restricting its flow. Propane suits in such cases.

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The Importance of Gas Cylinder Cages

Gas cylinders have to be handled and stored with utmost care in order to avoid hazards. A gas cylinder rupture is extremely dangerous and can cause tremendous damage, fire and even personal injury. Even if it is a small cylinder, the damage can be extensive to the buildings or cars nearby. If you have multiple cylinders to be stored, a cylinder cage is essential.

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11 kg Propane Gas Bottle

Propane gas cylinders are available in different sizes to suit different purposes. For outdoor use specifically, the 11 kg propane gas cylinder is recommended. The compact size and easy portability make it a good choice for a lot of things.

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Dispensing Gas Bottles for Beverage Gas

Beverage gas is used in Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants, and Clubs. It is used for soft drinks, lagers, ciders, stouts, and smooth flow bitters, etc. The right mix of beverage gas is important as apart from the fizz, it also lends a good taste to it. Your beer gets a creamier and smoother texture only because of bargas. It is hence important that you source it from reputed suppliers to maintain the quality of your drinks. A single-cylinder of poor quality gas can ruin up to 10 kegs of beer.

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Gas Bottle Handling Rules - The Importance Of Holding Cages

To ensure safety while handling gas bottles, it is important to store gas bottles in a particular manner as per the prescribed LPG gas cylinder storage rules and regulations. These may vary by cylinder, by use, by site, or by industry. Although the rules are not as stringent for domestic storage of gas bottles, it is advisable to go through the generally applicable rules to ensure safety.

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Off-Grid? Consider Bulk Gas Installation

Are you one of the four million UK households that live off the mains gas network? If you are living off-grid, your main fuel options for cooking and heating your home and hot water are electricity, oil or LPG.


LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas in a liquid form - colourless, low carbon and highly efficient. LPG is available in traditional gas bottles as well as bulk tank installations. The choice depends on your requirement and space.

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Changeover Regulators by Clesse and TPA

At LPG Gas Bottles, we stock low-pressure Manual and Automatic Changeover LPG Gas Regulators. Our stock includes products from leading brands, including Clesse and TPA.
TPA Automatic Changeover Valves can be used with Propane Gas Cylinders - a quality regulator is very important. Automatic changeover regulators reduce first stage pressure and ensure a continuous gas supply. The changeover switches to the reserve cylinder automatically when the pressure in the supply cylinder goes down. The valve comes with an overpressure shut off device (OPSO). The TPA Changeover regulator is ideal for use with two or more cylinders.

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11kg Propane Patio Gas Cylinder

At LPG gas bottles we have propane and butane gas cylinders available in different capacities for different purposes. 11kg propane gas cylinders are the preferred choice for patio gas. Thanks to their compact size, they are safe and easy to move around. Their convenient size makes them a preferred choice for mobile caterers and even mobile homes. These are ideal for outdoor cooking and also are the correct cylinder choice for patio heating.

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Portable Blow Heaters

A blow heater makes use of a fan to pass air over a heating element, which heats up the air that passes through for the purpose of warming up the surrounding room. A robust portable blow heater provides quick and efficient heating for commercial spaces such as factories, workshops, garages, farms or other requirements as well.
We have three options at Four Seasons Fuels. The 10KW, 15KW and 30KW blow heaters which are all suitable for commercial, industrial and garage use.

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Over-Pressure Shut-Off (OPSO) Regulators

LPG Gas Bottles has a wide range of Butane and Propane gas regulators. These are suitable for a number of equipment types such as Gas BBQs, Patio Heaters, Camping Stoves and Gas Heaters. These can work with any propane or butane cylinder. You will find a good range of low-pressure Manual and Automatic Changeover LPG Gas Regulators. Our products are from leading brands such as Clesse, and TPA.

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Precautionary Measures For Gas Cylinder Transportation

If you transport gas cylinders there are a few precautionary measures that you should abide by in order to ensure that you are not exposed to unnecessary hazards while in transit.

• Whenever possible, arrange for delivery by the supplying company - since this is the safest option. They will take care of loading, restraining, transporting as well as offloading the cylinders.
• When transporting smaller cylinders inside a vehicle, you need to make sure that the vehicle is well ventilated in order to minimise the risk of fire or explosion.

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Camping Supplies - Double Cast Iron Boiling Ring

At Four Seasons Fuels, we supply a range of boiling rings. These are perfect for camping, fishing, and any other alfresco living. Check out our heavy-duty double burner Cast Iron Boiling Ring. Sturdy and comfortably supports heavy or large containers of food.
If you want something robust for cooking outdoors, this double boiling ring is a very good option. From light use, to family use, to bulk catering and event support, this is as good as cooking inside - just outside! The assembly is hassle-free with an included easy instruction sheet. Once assembled, it's set up for use, connect a canister and go.

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Latest Addition: The Lifestyle Industrial Site Heater

The Lifestyle Industrial Site Heater is an extremely cost-effective method of heating. There are different Lifestyle Heaters available that can be chosen according to the needs and budget. This lightweight, portable model is the perfect option as a garage or workshop heater. Here are some of the great features of this model:

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Wide Range of Air Products at Four Seasons Fuel - LPG Gas

We supply Air Products at Four Seasons Fuel that offers a complete range of high performance industry-standard gases. These are available in a wide range including cylinders, cylinder packs and cryogenic liquid vessel sizes to meet various welding needs.
Air Products` Integra® cylinder was developed to meet the growing production and safety demands of the welding industry. It comes loaded with several features:

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Caravan gas bottle holder with over pressure shut off.

Have you had a look at our Caravan Gas Bottle Stand available with a two cylinder changeover and OPSO (Over Pressure Shut Off)? This LPG Cylinder stand comes with pre drilled mounting plate along with automatic change over kits. This caravan stand will save you time and effort as it comes with a convenient installation system.

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Our range of patio heaters

At LPG Gas Bottles, part or Four Seasons Fuel, we have good quality patio heaters for you to enjoy the outdoors without getting uncomfortably cold. The Orchid Lifestyle Heater in-store with us will keep you warm throughout the evening - enjoy the final few warm evenings while they last!

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Types of propane gas changeover regulators

Propane gas changeover regulators are commonly used where more than one cylinder is required. Caravans, holiday homes, and boats often make use of multiple cylinders that are connected to make sure that you do not run out of gas suddenly.
The regulators can be used for between two and four cylinders. The changeover regulator switches to the reserve supply once the main one runs out of gas in order to ensure a continuous flow of gas.

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Find a range of Gas Torch Burners for all types of welding uses

At LPG Bottled Gas and Bulk Gas Suppliers, we have quite a few torch burner and brazing kits for all types of welding purposes.
We stock the Autotorch kit for Propane No.230P which is suitable for industrial use. This torch kit is assembled with hose, regulator, and burner for immediate use. It does not require matches or lighters and is easy to light even in windy conditions. This product comes with advanced safety features and is easy to use.

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What should you look for while buying a gas barbecue?

Are you looking for a gas barbecue and confused with the number of options available? All with promising features and claims that leave you all the more unclear.

So as gas experts, to make it simple here are a few things that you might want to consider before making your choice:
Budget: Price is the primary consideration. There are hundreds of options available from the very cheap to the very sophisticated and expensive. While the more affordable options tend to be more basic, the expensive ones will invariably include more features...

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The Importance of Butane Gas Regulators

A gas regulator is an essential accessory and is important too. It connects to the gas bottle outlet valve. The primary function of this accessory is to regulate the pressure of the gas and supply it at a constant pressure to the appliance.

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Discover Special Offers On LPG Gas Bottles, Gas Refill & Gas Products

At Four Seasons Fuels, we have some great offers for you! So if you are looking for portable gas heaters or gas BBQs ready for the summer, please check out our products under the offers range. We provide free delivery on some products too, so with a bargain price, this combines to make you a nice saving.

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Widest range of LPG gas cylinders & accessories in the UK

Anything to do with gas cylinders and accessories has to be high quality to ensure maximum safety. You should always choose a genuine dealer for all your requirements, which only sells authentic and certified products that conform to all the quality parameters and safety standards.

At Four Seasons Fuels, we hold one of the largest stocks of gas cylinders and accessories that are sourced from legitimate dealers.

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Key features of Air Products` Integra® cylinder

If you are looking for a welding gas cylinder supplier in the UK, we have some of the best sources for you.

Among our collection of products that we sell, we have the Air Products` Integra® cylinder. This product was developed to meet the growing production and safety demands of today`s welding industry.

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Importance of right gas bottle cage

Gas cylinders when not handled or stored with care can be extremely hazardous. There are certain standards that need to be adhered to while handling gas cylinders so as to ensure safety and storage of gas cylinders is one of the most important.
While in storage, cylinders should never be left loose and must be stored in an upright position. There should not be any possibility of the cylinder tripping over.

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Find stock of flatbed gas barbecues

Looking for gas barbecues?
We have a few options. Our Aurora 2 burner BBQ is an excellent option for your home and garden. The sleek gas BBQ is fitted on a sturdy metal and FSC wooden trolley. It comes with two fitted integral spark ignitions along with two stainless steel burners.

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Advantages Of A Gas Central Heating System

A  Gas central heating system is efficient, cost effective and runs automatically. 

Making use of water for the purpose of heating, this is also known as a ‘wet system’ where a gas-fired boiler heats water to provide central heating through radiators and underfloor heating. Homes that are not connected to mains gas can choose LPG that can be delivered to the home as and when required.

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Benefits of Commercial gas heaters

There are various benefits to using commercial heaters that run on gas. These are cost effective and provide a high heat output that may be necessary in the case of commercial heating, helping keep you warm in your workplace. 

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Find Campingaz 907 refill at LPG Gas Bottles, UK

The Campingaz 907 cylinder can hold up to 2.75kg of Butane gas.


This refillable heavy duty butane cylinder is the most commonly used of its type and comes with a high-security valve to stop any leakage while connecting or disconnecting.

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3 Burner Gas BBQ

Our range of 3 burner gas barbecues showcases are very smart and compact in design.


The handy side tables are very useful for keeping your cooking utensils and food close by and makes the chefs life easier. The cooking grills are good quality and the overall designs are stylish.

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The advantages of 13kg butane gas cylinder bottles

  The 13 kg butane gas bottles are very handy to use and easily portable. Their portability makes them ideal for light commercial use, such as heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans. The 13kg butane gas bottles are convenient for domestic use as well. These are commonly used for for your outdoor cooking, BBQs and patio heaters. Butane is safe to use and can be used almost anywhere (You just need to read the manufacturer’s guidelines while using these). The fact that Butane burns quickly and immediately reaches maximum heat output is another advantage. The 13kg cylinder can easily give you 43 hours of burning with one burner and 32 hours of burning with two burners.

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Propane Gas Cylinders / Gas Bottles

 Propane forms a part of flammable hydrocarbon gases that are liquefied through pressurisation to be used as fuel. It is a fossil fuel that does not occur in isolation. Propane is produced during natural gas processing and oil refining and is isolated and liquefied through pressurisation and stored in pressure vessels which are known as gas bottles. 

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Things to consider when buying Cabinet Gas Heater

The cabinet heaters are designed for indoor use as an economical option to heat interior spaces. These gas heaters warm the space sufficiently where another type of heating source is not available. These are especially beneficial when you need to heat up only one room at a time. if you are looking for a cabinet heater as an option for your home, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Outdoor Gas BBQs at Lpg Gas Bottles, UK

 What are sprimgs and summers without barbecue parties and lip smacking grilled meat?

Gas fired BBQs make the best alternative to charcoal since these are easy to handle, start up quickly, heat up faster and allow you to regulate the heat output.

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Importance of good Bargas suppliers

 Bargas or Beverage gas as it is also known as is commonly used in Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs in soft drinks and lagers, ciders, stouts and smoothflow bitters etc. Apart from providing the fizz to the drink it also lends a good taste to it and gives the beer a creamier and smoother texture.

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Gas Boiling Rings

 Gas boiling rings are designed to be used with low pressure gas; Butane or Propane with the help of a suitable regulator and hose. There are various options available with single double or more burner options depending on the requirement.

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Tips on Buying LPG Bulk Gas

 Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG as it is commonly known as is a household name and is widely used for domestic and agricultural purposes as well as in commercial businesses alike. LPG includes butane or propane and has a wide application right from fuelling of heating systems in the private homes to fuelling of commercial equipment and farming machines etc. LPG is used for a variety of domestic purposes like for cooking, outdoor cooking, barbecues etc.

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All You Need To Know About Butane Gas Cylinder

Butane is a highly flammable, colourless, and easily liquefied gas which was discovered by the Edward Frankland in 1849. Here is a list of some of the physical properties of Butane:
Formula                                                           C4H10
Molecular Weight (lb/mol)                                58.12
Critical Temp. (°F)                                            305.9
Critical Pressure (psia)                                     549.9
Boiling Point (°F)                                               31.0
Melting Point (°F)                                             -217.0
Psat @ 70°F (psia)                                           31.3
Liquid Density @ 70°F (lb/ft3)                           36.05
Gas Density @ 70°F 1 atm (lb/ft3)                    0.1551
Specific Volume @ 70°F 1 atm (ft3/lb)              6.45
Specific Gravity                                                 2.108
Specific Heat @ 70°F (Btu/lbmol-°F)                23.87

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Things Need to know about then Cellar Gas

 Cellar gas or Beverage gas usually is a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen that is used in the bars in various drinks. This gas helps enhance the drinking experience, is easy to use and safe to handle. The cellar gas usually comes in the form of cylinders.

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Things to know about the Disposable Helium Gas Cylinders

  Helium is a colourless, odourless and tasteless inert gas which is lighter than air.

It is non flammable & non toxic and can be safely used either indoors or outdoors.

If you are planning to buy a disposable Helium cylinder for use at a party, here are a few things for your information.

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Things to Consider When Buying a BBQ Gas Bottles

 Finding the right gas bottles for your gas BBQ is very important. There are certain types and sizes of gas bottles that work with particular BBQs and need to be checked out accordingly. There is also the choice between the gases propane and butane. While some work off Butane most of the BBQs work on Propane. The use of propane and butane also depends on the temperature in case you are out camping.

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Everything You Need to Know about Beverage Gas

Beverage gas is used in Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs. This is also commonly known as bev gas, beverage gas, beer gas soft drinks gas, or dispensing gas etc.  Beverage gas is used in soft drinks and lagers, ciders, stouts and smoothflow bitters etc. Apart from the fizz to the drink it also lends a good taste to it and gives the beer a creamier and smoother texture.

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Choose Your Gas BBQ from us at LPG Gas Bottles

 At LPG Gas Bottles we have a great range of gas Barbeque options to choose from. These BBQ are all reasonably priced and the propane regulator and hose is usually supplied within the price.

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Need of Spare Gas Bottle and Changeover Gas Regulators

Using the gas bottle for heating?
Have no spare gas bottle?
Shame on you. Always have a spare bottle if you are relying on your gas bottle for heating fuel

Have a spare gas bottle but no changeover regulator?
Imagine running out of gas on a particularly chilly night and the unnecessary hassle that comes with changing to a full gas bottle in the middle of the cold. Changeover regulators are hence essential in order to ensure that you do not run out of gas at the wrong time once your supply cylinder is empty.

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Features of Gas Barbeque Grill

Gas or Charcoal BBQ? Considering buying a Gas Barbecue Grill but still undecided between gas or charcoal?

Here is a list of features of the gas BBQ grill that will help you make up your mind.
- Ease of use: The gas fired grills are the easiest to use. They start up at the flick of a switch rather than slowly lighting charcoal and waiting for it to heat up.

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Tips for using LPG cylinders

Here are some handy tips while using LPG cylinders in order to ensure maximum safety:

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Bulk LPG Gas Suppliers UK

 At Four Seasons Fuel Ltd we take care of all your liquid propane gas (LPG) requirements be it for domestic homes, catering be it gas bottles or bulk supply. Our stock here at our Billingshurst depot includes LPG Cylinders in various different sizes to suit your requirements as different cylinders are used for different purposes such as at home for heating or cooking, for commercial heating purposes, on your outdoor trips such camping and the like etc.

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Tips on Buying LPG Gas Accessories

For maximum safety it is very important that you buy the right equipment for your LPG cylinders. The various LPG accessories include torches and burners, regulators, cylinder housing units, changeover regulators, boiling rings, gas bottle cages etc. It is essential that you only buy quality equipment so as to ensure complete safety while handling LPG gas bottles. You should never compromise on the quality of the bottled gas products and make sure that the products you buy comply with all the prescribed quality standards. Usually these accessories have a period of warranty which is beneficial in case of damage.

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Handy guide for handling helium cylinders

When you hear the word Helium, oftenthe first thing that comes to mind is the floating balloons at birthday parties or other such functions. These are the best way to give a party an extra interesting element. Besides this is easily available in gas cylinders that are easy to use. There are just a few facts to be kept in mind while handling helium gas cylinders.

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Tips for using Gas Bottles for Portable Heaters

Gas bottles are used to power portable gas heaters that are so useful to add extra heat in the winter. However while in transit or even at home, these gas bottles need to be handled with care so as to avoid any kind of accident or injury or damage to the gas bottles itself. These LPG gas bottles like any other forms of gas or fuel can be hazardous and hence utmost care should be taken while handling these. There are a few things that you need to absolutely take care of to avoid the risk of accidents.

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Reasons to buy quality LPG Gas Accessories

Using LPG gas bottles for domestic or commercial purposes mean paying attention to every safety detail. Haphazard usage of gas bottles and accessories could court disaster. It is always wiser to go for only quality products when dealing with gas and gas fired equipments. Gas accessories play an important role in facilitating a smooth functioning of all your equipment. Hence it is of utmost importance to ensure that you buy good quality accessories from well known and genuine dealers. All the accessories should comply with the relevant standards of safety.

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Another Successful Installation of Bulk Gas

At Four Seasons Fuel Ltd, LPG Gas we are able to supply and install bulk gas containers to domestic homes, industrial businesses, auto-gas sites and metered estates. A prompt, no nonsense service with competitive prices.

At Four Seasons Fuel Ltd we are able to supply and install Bulk LPG to domestic homes, industrial businesses, auto-gas sites and metered estates. 

A prompt, no nonsense service with competitive prices.
- See more at:
At Four Seasons Fuel Ltd we are able to supply and install Bulk LPG to domestic homes, industrial businesses, auto-gas sites and metered estates. 

A prompt, no nonsense service with competitive prices.
- See more at:

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With summer comes the need for Camping Gaz and Bottled Gas

With the summer months comes the barbecue. Traditioonally lit by paper and wood and the word burned to a charcoal, more recently practices have changed to burn pre-made charcoal.  Nowadays there is much more choice and most people are going for bottled gas as a fuel for the BBQ.

And it is no wonder why. Although traditional charcoal BBQ often inparts a better barbecue flavour to most food (a flavour of smoke!) most opt for the convenience of a quick lighting system that is clean, constant temperature and is easy to and switch off.

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Camping Gas; Propane or Butane?

Camping gas is most commonly used for camping and caravanning purposes. Camping gas comes in small cylinders that are easily portable and hence can be carried and used without any hassle for outdoor purposes and are very safe too. These cylinders are light weight which makes them easily portable. They have a safety valve that allows you to unscrew the cylinder from the appliance even if it is not empty. Amongst gas bottles you have the propane or butane gas options. So which gas is ideal for camping use?


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Our Top Tips to Get Ahead for Winter #getaheadforwinter

Our Top 10 Tips to Get Ahead for Winter and covered at  #getaheadforwinter

1. Give your boiler an overhaul – make sure your boiler and any other gas appliances are serviced every year by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This ensures that they run at their most efficient.
2. Consider replacing your boiler – if your boiler is 15 years old or more it could be time to replace it. Make sure you choose an energy efficient condensing boiler which could cut your heating bills significantly and achieve running efficiencies of 90%.

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Time to Prepare for the colder times of Autumn/Winter

With the days shortening and temperatures due to drop, it is better to prepare now for the autumn/winter.

If you use gas bottles or bulk gas for either heating or cooking or both make sure your supplies are good

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New Depot Opens in Littlehampton

Four Seasons Fuel are please to announce our new depot is open.

Our customers now have the opportunity to use our new depot to collect LPG Gas Bottles, Beverage Gas, Industrial Gas, Coal and Netted logs.

We have a small fleet of vehicles running around the area everyday if you need a quick delivery.

If you would like to order any products from us please phone 01403 783379.

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Gear up for the camping season!

Now spring is here again it is time to prepare for the camping season. Gas bottles are ideal for lighting, heating, cooking and most of all provide a handy way of enjoying your barbecue with minimum of hassle. If you already have one in place make sure that you are equipped with a full gas bottle and ideally a spare as well.

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Portable gas heaters for winter

Portable Gas Heaters are your best bet for a number of reasons.

First and the foremost is the advantage provided by these heaters when it comes to bringing down your energy bills. Since the portable heaters can be used in the room where heat is required so you can avoid heating the whole house when only one room is required 

Besides these are light and easy to carry around the house or anywhere else you need these be it a shed or a garage or workshop.

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At Four Seasons Fuel Ltd we like to give our customers the best deal possible. As the cost of propane has fallen over the last month we have dropped our prices. Please visit our shop or phone the office for our new price list.  

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Portable Gas Heaters

Portable heaters are a convenient way to heat up just a room and not the entire house. These are light weight and extremely handy to move from room ro room. They offer a cost effective way of providing heating exactly where you want it and do not require fixed piping or electicity. Ideal for heating part of the house or an outbuilding like a shed, garage or workshop.

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Bulk Stored Gas Saves Over Bottled Gas

Bottled gas has long been considered good for leisure activities such as BBQs, patio heaters etc and also the larger bottles for providing alternative energy in the house for cooking etc. An increasingly popluar alternative to bottles for in house supply is bulk stored gas.

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Lpg Gas bottles for Barbecues and for Patio Heaters

 Gas Bottles for BBQs - Gas fired barbecues are a pleasure to use compared to charcoal BBQs. Gas fired BBQs are very easy to handle, they are much eaier to start and get to the correct heat and the heat from gas is easier to regulate. Charcoal  BBQs can be messy and smokey and are much harder to achieve and maintain and appropriate temperature.

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Gas BBQs/ Barbecues and Heaters

The conventional charcoal fired barbecues are great but they have their disadvantages like

-  the time and energy consumed in getting them started

-  cooking temperature varies much of the time

-  they can be messy

-  they can smoke a lot

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Standby heaters for emergencies

The wild winter we are experiencing often means frequent power cuts. And one major problem during these power cuts is the heating problem as most of the houses have heaters that reply on electricity.  In such case, the fireplace does help to heat up at least some part of the house. But the best option is the portable gas heaters that are nowadays so freely available. These heaters can give out a good heat and are easy to port around the house during such power cuts and emergencies. These heaters are great in quality and are good value for money. These are your best bet when you need temporary heating during emergencies.

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Save money with portable heaters

The cold temperatures of winter tend to mean ever escalating energy bills. These bills include a substantial amount of money spent on the heating of the house. Many times it is not necessary to heat up the entire house as some rooms might not be in use.  Also if you want to heat an area for a short while then again the heating of a whole house is often unnecessary.

In such cases the portable heaters come in handy. These heaters do not cost a lot and are great when it comes to temperature control and zoning out the heat in a particular room or corner of the house.

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BBQ season and camping is still with us ensure you have the correct gas cylinder and gas bottle regulator

The BBQ and camping season is still with us and so you must ensure you are well equipped. If your barbecue is gas fired make sure you have a full gas cylinder and suitable regulator (a gas bottle regulator is obviously the connector that connects the bottled gas bottle to the appliance). Many people are moving towards gas fired BBQs instead of charcoal because whilst some like the authenticity of the charcoal barbecue, the gas barbecues are less messy to use and heat up more quickly. Also the gas barbecues take up less time to start up and controlling the heat is much easier so these prove to be more convenient.

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Gas bottles and gas cylinders

Bottled gas or gas bottles are stainless steel, aluminium or carbon steel bottles that are used for storing compressed gases such as propane or butane. These gas bottles are usually known as gas cylinders. These gas cylinders are easily transportable and because of the simplicity they are mainly used for household purposes. Use of gas cylinders is a safe and convenient way of heating and cooking. Moreover these are environment friendly and can also be used for outdoor heating purposes such as during camping which is very common across UK.  

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Great news. Four seasons Fuel Ltd

Great news. Four seasons Fuel Ltd ( are now a stockist for Air Products.  As an Air Product Stockist we stock the full range of industrial gases including the new Maxx and trade shielding gas. If your looking for a new supplier in West Sussex ...give us a try. We can offer a quick delivery service around West Sussex with our fleet of vehicles able to carry bottles and banks of gas. Give us a call 01403 783379 

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