call 01403 783379 now

call 01403 783379 now

BETWEEN 08.30 -17.00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY 01403 783379

OUT OF HOURS  0844 818 3881 (24HR)

What do I do in the event of a leak on my tank/cylinders?

Call our emergency number. 
Turn off all gas appliances.
Turn off the gas supply at the tank/cylinder service valve.
If the leak is coming from inside your home, turn the emergency control valve off. This is situated outside the property. Open all the windows and doors. 

In the event of a fire?

Call the emergency services immediately and inform them LPG is on the site. 
Turn off all gas appliances.
If possible, turn the gas supply off.
Leave the property and walk up wind.

My gas has run out, what do I do?

Check the content gauge
If the gauge shows empty call our office to re-order or order online.
If the gauge shows some gas, turn off the appliances and call us. We will send an engineer to re-set the pressure shut off.