1. What regulator fits my bottle?

A screw in regulator such as a low pressure 37mbar regulator, a low pressure 37mbar hand-wheel regulator and a high pressure regulator will fit the following bottles.
11kg (red)
Propane bottles

A 27mm clip on regulator will fit the following bottles.
11kg (green)
Propane bottles.
Most new BBQ's or patio heater's come with a 27mm regulator.

A 21mm regulator will fit the following bottles.
Butane Bottles
Most mobile heaters come with a 21mm regulator fitted. 

2. What's the difference between Propane and Butane?

Propane is more commonly used for cooking, heating, industrial and leisure appliances. It has a lower boiling point and is stored at a higher pressure meaning propane is better suited for outside storage.
Butane is mainly used for mobile heaters and some leisure appliances. Butane has a higher boiling point and will freeze once the temperature reaches 0'C.

3. How many litres are in a 47kg?

91.8 Litres 

4. I need to order a cylinder, why do I pay a hire charge?

Please see refill agreement.  

5. I want to return my cylinder but have lost my refill agreement/receipt can I get a refund?

With out proof of purchase no refund can be given.  

6. Can my cylinder explode?

Propane gas cylinders do not explode nor do they implode. Bringing a propane bottle to the point of explosion is a very difficult and time consuming task and not as easy as some people think. Many people believe smoking a lit cigarette near the bottle will cause an explosion this is not the case. A propane tank working under normal circumstances will not explode. Safety devices and mechanisms are in place to prevent explosions, accidents and breaches.   

7. Is my Cylinder 100% full?

All bottles are filled to 90% capacity; the remaining 10% is left free for expansion of liquid. 

8. I've just bought a new BBQ, what bottle do I need?

Most new BBQ's come with a 27mm regulator fitted and will need an 11kg or 9kg green patio bottle.

9. I've just bought a new mobile heater, what bottle do I need?

Mobile heaters come fitted with a 21mm regulator and will need a 13kg or 7kg butane bottle.