News»  Time to Prepare for the colder times of Autumn/Winter

With the days shortening and temperatures due to drop, it is better to prepare now for the autumn/winter.

If you use gas bottles for either heating or cooking or both make sure your supplies are good.

You bottled gas users should sure you have a full spare bottle. If you spare is les than 25% full don't run the risk of running our. Order now!

If you use bulk lpg gas ensure your tank is topped up and ready for the period of higher demand

Don't wait for the depth of winter to order when we will be rushed off our feet with deliveries and also if there are poor raod conditions our delivery lorries have trouble getting to you.

Don't forget that, for your and our convenience we have also opened up a depot in Littlehampton to jep ensure our best possible service for you.

See our full range of gas bottles and our bulk gas service and order now!

We also are major suppliers and installers of bulk LPG gas so if you are thinking of installing a bulk gas tank or wish to refill your existing bulk gas tank please contact us