News»  The Importance of Butane Gas Regulators

A gas regulator is an essential accessory and is important too. It connects to the gas bottle outlet valve. The primary function of this accessory is to regulate the pressure of the gas and supply it at a constant pressure to the appliance.
Understanding gas regulators:
· The gas regulator reduces the high-pressure gas output of a cylinder.  Maintaining a usable level of gas as it passes from the cylinder to the appliance.

· A gas regulator, however, is not a flow control device. There are different regulators for a different type of gases. The regulators must be used for the specific gas stipulated and should never be used for gases other than those for which they are intended.
If you are looking for butane gas regulators, there are different options for different gas bottle sizes with two main options available.
The standard 21mm easy connect clip butane gas regulator fits all butane gas cylinders that are above 4.5 kg. This regulator is commonly used for 7kg and 15kg bottles. For 12kg and 13kg bottles, there are 20mm regulators available instead of 21mm.

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The Importance of Butane Gas Regulators