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Are you one of the four million UK households that live off the mains gas network? If you are living off-grid, your main fuel options for cooking and heating your home and hot water are electricity, oil or LPG.


LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is a hydrocarbon gas in a liquid form - colourless, low carbon and highly efficient. LPG is available in traditional gas bottles as well as bulk tank installations. The choice depends on your requirement and space. 


LPG as a fuel choice has versatile residential and commercial uses including heating and hot water, gas cooking, caravan parks, agriculture and hospitality. It can also power other appliances such as gas fires, tumble dryers and forklift trucks.  It is a popular choice for homes and businesses that are off-grid and makes a cleaner and greener choice at the same time. 

At Four Seasons Fuel, we supply and deliver LPG in cylinders and bulk. We can also install above and below ground tanks, and take over your bulk fuel contract from other main suppliers such as Calor and FloGas.


Installing a bulk gas tank cylinder allows you to enjoy the same benefits and convenience enjoyed by 'on-grid' homes. Four Seasons Fuel can install either above ground or below ground tanks for domestic or commercial usage. The installation of bulk LPG storage tanks is quite simple, and upon site inspection, we can give you better advice in terms of the most suitable installation to suit your budget and situation. Since every property has different needs, we offer bespoke solutions that perfectly suit your demands.

Four Seasons Fuel Ltd offer a range of above ground and below ground tanks that are suitable for different applications and consumptions. Tanks are available in 3 varying capacities of 600kg, 1000kg and 2000kg capacity. Each tank has a maximum capacity of 85% for safety. Our storage tanks that are buried underground are completely hidden from view, with only the inspection hatch visible at the surface.


After installation, for new customers, existing customers and prospective customers, we offer a refill service - including the ability to order your gas online.


Detailed specifications are available on the website. Including how to enquire about gas cylinders, bulk gas contacts switch and starting to enquire about bulk gas installation. Get in touch with us for more information.

Off-Grid? Consider Bulk Gas Installation