News»  Importance of good Bargas suppliers

Bargas or Beverage gas as it is also known as is commonly used in Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs in soft drinks and lagers, ciders, stouts and smoothflow bitters etc. Apart from providing the fizz to the drink it also lends a good taste to it and gives the beer a creamier and smoother texture.
There are different beverage gas mixes that are commonly used such as C02, 30/70, 60/40 and 50/50 etc. It is extremely important to buy your beverage gas from a trusted supplier if you want to maintain the quality of your drinks. A single cylinder of bad beverage gas can ruin up to 10 kegs of beer. Die hard beer fans will instantly notice the change in the taste of the beer and you might loose on to your customers because of this.
Gas cylinders need to be in good condition in order to avoid hazards. Corroded beverage gas cylinders can explode and hence are dangerous. Bargas cylinders also have certain quality norms that need to be adhered to. Every cylinder of gas has to pass through certain quality and safety checks. Only a trusted supplier will provide you with cylinders that comply with all the related norms.
Our beverage gas cylinders  here at  Four Seasons Fuels conform to the Food Safety Regulations and are HSE fully tested and well within the expiry date. These are supplied in approved gas containers with the appropriate labelling which includes the batch labels too for traceability.