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At LPG Gas Bottles, we stock low-pressure Manual and Automatic Changeover LPG Gas Regulators. Our stock includes products from leading brands, including Clesse and TPA.
TPA Automatic Changeover Valves can be used with Propane Gas Cylinders - a quality regulator is very important. Automatic changeover regulators reduce first stage pressure and ensure a continuous gas supply. The changeover switches to the reserve cylinder automatically when the pressure in the supply cylinder goes down. The valve comes with an overpressure shut off device (OPSO). The TPA Changeover regulator is ideal for use with two or more cylinders.
This is an ideal accessory that can be used for gas fires, hobs, cookers, and ovens, etc that work on propane gas. Here are a few of the features of this accessory:
. Provides seamless changeover performances
. Changes at lowest possible pressure which ensures maximum use of gas in the cylinders
. Maintains consistent outlet pressure on either of the cylinders
. Over Pressure Shut Off device for added safety
. A consistent flow of gas from the cylinders
. Reserve indicator available on the Changeover Knob


Our regulator kits include the following:

2 x 20 inch pigtails
1 x 37 mbar Regulator
1 x Testpoint Emergency Ball Valve
1 x Emergency Plaque
1 x Wall Bracket


We will deliver this item for free within about 25 miles and can arrange delivery outside of this. Please get in touch or purchase online.

Changeover Regulators by Clesse and TPA