News»  Benefits of Commercial gas heaters

There are various benefits to using commercial heaters that run on gas. These are cost effective and provide a high heat output that may be necessary in the case of commercial heating, helping keep you warm in your workplace.


Propane gas heaters prove to be inexpensive and highly effective. Propane being a cleaner burning fuel than the other forms of heating, make these the best environmentally friendly solution for heating a commercial space.


Gas heaters work twice as fast as the electric heaters. Besides, with the cost of gas less than electricity, the overall benefits are much higher.


Our portable commercial gas heaters are very handy to use since these can be easily moved from one place to another as necessary. These are also compact so space isn’t an issue. With portable heaters there are no additional initial set up costs, and they are very easy to maintain on your own too.


At LPG Gas bottles, UK, we have quite a few options available for commercial heating. Our Gas fired portable blow heaters are suitable for commercial, industrial and garage use. Browse through our website to have a look at the available options. 

Benefits of Commercial gas heaters