News»  Widest range of LPG gas cylinders & accessories in the UK

Anything to do with gas cylinders and accessories has to be high quality to ensure maximum safety. You should always choose a genuine dealer for all your requirements, which only sells authentic and certified products that conform to all the quality parameters and safety standards.

At Four Seasons Fuels, we hold one of the largest stocks of gas cylinders and accessories that are sourced from legitimate dealers.

In our Torches and Burners section you will find all types of accessories required for welding purposes: Autotorch kit for Propane No.230P which is for Industrial use and Autotorch Brazing Kit for Propane No.404 again for Industrial use. There are other options like Standard Torch Kit for Propane No 110P and the Standard Torch Kit for Propane No.140P.

We also hold a good range of Butane and Propane gas regulators that suit different cylinders. These can be used for Gas BBQs, Patio Heaters, Camping Stoves, and Gas Heaters:

The low pressure 37mbar propane regulators and the gas regulators with hand wheels are ideal for smaller BBQs, Boiling Rings, and Patio Heaters with up to a 9kw input rating.

The Butane low-pressure gas regulators are also suitable for small BBQs and patio heaters up to 9kw input.

Our standard high-pressure gas hose is perfect for use in caravans, patio BBQs or mobile heaters.

We also have Cylinder Housing Units and Gas Bottle Cages that ensure maximum safety of your gas bottles while in storage or transit.

Our quality changeover regulators ensure that you never run out of gas at unforeseen times.

Four Seasons Fuel, UK have great quality options that are all safe to use, and many more similar accessories! Browse through the website to have a look at the available options.

Widest range of LPG gas cylinders & accessories in the UK