News»  Why is it important to choose the right Gas Regulator?

Each gas regulator has been designed to fit a specific type of cylinder valve. Regulators do not fit any valve other than the ones that they have been designed for. For instance, a propane cylinder valve has a screw thread and only propane regulators fit the valve safely.

The regulators are also segregated depending on the amount of pressure. High-pressure regulators usually have a narrower nozzle, compared to that of a low-pressure regulator which has a much narrower hose.

Using the wrong regulator can be hazardous and can lead to gas leakage. Forcing a high-pressure hose onto a low-pressure nozzle will snap the braiding inside the hose. This may lead to cracking of the hose, subsequent leakage and a potentially disastrous situation. Hence it is very important to match the size of the hose to the nozzle size and only use the one designed for LPG and as per the correct standard.

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Why is it important to choose the right Gas Regulator?