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Are you looking for a gas barbecue and confused with the number of options available? All with promising features and claims that leave you all the more unclear.

So as gas experts, to make it simple here are a few things that you might want to consider before making your choice:
Budget: Price is the primary consideration. There are hundreds of options available from the very cheap to the very sophisticated and expensive. While the more affordable options tend to be more basic, the expensive ones will invariably include more features. If you have explored the different options, you will have a better idea about what features are available and the exact features you need - this will assist in making your choice. Also, your budget will help you narrow down your search considerably.
Examples of Features that affect the price include:
·       Number of burners
·       Side burners
·       Multiple level cooking surfaces
·       Smoker box
·       Rotisserie burner
·       Lights
·       Pull out grease tray
·       Gliding drawers for storing utensils and condiments
Brand: A good brand is bound to cost you more. But with a good brand come better warranties and guarantees and good customer support, which can be necessary at times.
Requirement: Invest in a grill that matches your needs. For instance, if you only plan on grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, you don’t need a feature packed expensive bbq. For slow cooking, fine dining or mass cooking then the requirement is different.
Fuel: There are different options available that make use of different fuels. Although this article is about gas BBQs, there are barbecues running on charcoal as well as the ones that work on electricity. Gas and electric are easier to use and firing these up does not take much time at all. Charcoal grills, on the other hand, require some effort and planning to get going. However, if you swear by the charcoal and smoke flavoured food, then this should be your choice.
Material: The material the BBQ is made out of is important. The main body of the grill is usually made from sheet metal - cast aluminium, cast iron, or stainless steel. Stainless Steel is the premium choice as these are welded and generally sturdier than those assembled with nuts and bolts.
Grills: Gas barbeques come with the option of multiple burners. So, depending on your requirement, you can go for a single to up to 6 burners. Offering the ability to have different heat zones or just a large cooking area.
Keep these points in mind when researching what you need for your new gas BBQ. At Four Seasons Fuel, we know gas and charcoal very well and have quite a few barbeque options and fuel in our stock. Browse through to have a look.

What should you look for while buying a gas barbecue?