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The 13 kg butane gas bottles are the preferred choice for many on account of them being easy to use and portable. This portability makes them ideal for light commercial use, such as heating and cooking for both touring and static caravans. The 13 kg butane gas bottles are convenient for domestic use as well. These are commonly used for your outdoor cooking, BBQs and patio heaters. Butane is safe to use and can be used almost anywhere. The fact that butane burns quickly and immediately reaches maximum heat output is another advantage. The 13 kg cylinder can easily give you 43 hours of burning with one burner and 32 hours of burning with two burners.

The 13 kg handy butane bottles are often used for the following:

The butane torch, making use of butane’s flammable nature, is often utilised in craft projects and glass making, as well as certain plumbing projects that require heat.

Campers often make use of butane in portable camping stoves, and outdoor grills as the fuel is easy to transport in 13 kg bottles. These are used for caravan and motor home cooking and heating, mobile catering etc.
To form LPG, butane is combined with propane and other substances which are used in this form for the manufacturing of petrochemicals, to calibrate gas detectors etc.

It is also utilised as a refrigerant, replacing methane as the primary gas used in refrigerators due to it being more environmentally-friendly. Gasoline is often added when used in refrigerators which enhances the performance of butane.

Butane is also used in patio heaters, portable space heaters, cabinet heaters etc.
As butane can be put in a small plastic pressure vessel without any harm, it is a widely used fuel for lighters. As the pressure gets released through the valve, the liquid turns into gas, and can be easily ignited.
As well as these, butane bottles are useful in culinary arts, jewellery making, glassmaking, welding, and other crafty ventures. If you are looking for 13 kg gas bottles, you can check our website for details. Whether you are in West Sussex or beyond, Four Seasons Fuel is available to meet all of your fuel requirements.

Uses of Butane Gas