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Propane gas changeover regulators are commonly used where more than one cylinder is required. Caravans, holiday homes, and boats often make use of multiple cylinders that are connected to make sure that you do not run out of gas suddenly.
The regulators can be used for between two and four cylinders. The changeover regulator switches to the reserve supply once the main one runs out of gas in order to ensure a continuous flow of gas.
There are two types of changeover Manual and Automatic. The manual changeover regulator allows you to control the cylinder changeover yourself. This requires you to monitor the cylinder levels before switching to the reserve. The automatic changeover regulator switches itself over to the new cylinder at a point when the main tank reaches empty levels. Since the automatic changeover regulator makes the switch for you, it turns out to be quite convenient since the chances of running out of gas are none!
Although a manual regulator is cheaper to buy than an automatic one, there is some monitoring required on your part to ensure that you do not run out of gas in the middle of the night, or during bad weather. There are also those who argue against automatic regulators saying that these often switch over too soon wasting a certain quantity of gas. However, with refill tanks, the chances of wastage are low.
An automatic regulator is undoubtedly convenient to use, and all you need to do is replace the empty tank promptly so that you do not land up with two empty cylinders by mistake.
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Types of propane gas changeover regulators