News»  Tips for using LPG cylinders

Here are some handy tips while using LPG cylinders in order to ensure maximum safety:

While transporting your cylinders, never put them in the passenger compartment
Your LPG cylinders should always be kept upright at all times
These should never be transported laying them down
The cylinders should always be secured properly preferably with the cylinder housing units
The cylinders should always be kept on a stable base whilst using outdoors
These should be kept well away from flames, sparks & heat
These should never be left in an enclosed vehicle for a long time
The valves should always be turned off firmly when not in use
You should always make use of only the prescribed accessories with your LPG cylinders
Cracked or damaged accessories should not be used at all
Before use all the connections should be properly checked

These are a few of the things that you should always keep in mind while using LPG Cylinders at all times.