News»  Tips for using Gas Bottles for Portable Heaters

Gas bottles are used to power portable gas heaters that are so useful to add extra heat in the winter. However while in transit or even at home, these gas bottles need to be handled with care so as to avoid any kind of accident or injury or damage to the gas bottles itself. These LPG gas bottles like any other forms of gas or fuel can be hazardous and hence utmost care should be taken while handling these. There are a few things that you need to absolutely take care of to avoid the risk of accidents.
The gas cylinders should be used and stored in upright position unless otherwise instructed as per the safety measures.
While moving the bottles from one place to another, utmost care must be taken while lifting the bottles and due consideration should be given to personal limits as well since the bottles are heavy.
Rolling the gas bottles on the ground to move them or dropping or throwing them should absolutely be avoided.
While lifting the bottles steer clear off the gas bottle cap, valve or shroud.
It is advisable to turn off all the valves when not in use.
One should change or lubricate the valves ideally from professionals only.           
If there are any problems encountered during the use of the cylinders, report such problems rather than continuing usage.
Never transport gas cylinders in enclosed vehicles.
Do not ever connect the cylinders to any other devices other than the primary regulators.
Always check empty gas bottles by shaking them as many times there might be a little liquid gas still left inside.