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Cellar gas usually is a mixture of Carbon Dioxide and Nitrogen that is used in the bars in various drinks. This gas helps enhance the drinking experience, is easy to use and safe to handle. The cellar gas usually comes in the form of cylinders.

These cylinders can be CO2 only or a combination of nitrogen/CO2. They are maintained as per the British safety standards and are absolutely safe to use.
Cellar gas is most commonly used in beers and gives beer its great taste and quality. It adds to the overall presentation of beer in terms of texture, taste and quality. Cellar gas is also known to extend the life of draught beers. Tap beer is often more enjoyable than having beer from a bottle.

The source of cellar/beverage gas cylinders should be reputable and must conform to the industry standards so as to ensure maximum safety. The gas cylinder label should carry all the necessary information such as the content info, safety instructions, emergency contacts etc. You should also check whether the valves, connections and joints are intact and there are no leakages.
Cellar gas is absolutely safe to use when bought from a source that conforms to all the safety standards. There are quite a few cheaper sources available which may not keep up to all the cylinder handling safety standards and hence you should buy only from a legitimate source in order to avoid hazards. You can buy your beverage gas (cellar gas) from us in the safe knowledge we follow all the Health and Safety standards