News»  The Importance of Gas Cylinder Cages

Gas cylinders have to be handled and stored with utmost care in order to avoid hazards. A gas cylinder rupture is extremely dangerous and can cause tremendous damage, fire and even personal injury. Even if it is a small cylinder, the damage can be extensive to the buildings or cars nearby. If you have multiple cylinders to be stored, a cylinder cage is essential.
Our cylinder storage cages are safe and equipped with lockable latches and mesh sides. These are ventilated and have a solid roof that protects the cylinders from damage caused by things falling on the cylinders.
Making use of these cages can extend the life of your cylinders, protect them from being dropped and damaged, thus preventing accidents. With a good storage cage, your bottles will stay in an upright position and not fall over - a separate risk in itself.
LPG gas bottle storage cages/racks are perfect to keep your gas bottles safe as per their approved specifications. Our range of standard storage cages at Four Seasons Fuels meets all the requirements necessary for the safe storage of gas cylinders. We have two different options: One for 12 x 18/19kg propane gas cylinders and the other that holds 4 x 47 propane cylinders. These come fully assembled and can be delivered anywhere in the UK. Get in touch with us for more information.

The Importance of Gas Cylinder Cages