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A standard propane brazing torch kit comes with a flat nylon handle and operates under high-pressure conditions. It requires basic assembly before use.
These torches are commonly used for soldering, plumbing, electrical work, gas installation, and much more.
Parts of a propane torch:
1.    Burner - Different torches have varying burner sizes, depending on the purpose of the torch.
2.    Regulator - This is connected to the propane cylinder and keeps the gas output constant.
3.    Performer and firepower - These work together to ensure proper performance.

Torch kits usually come ready to use, but require you to attach a small gas cylinder before use.
Since this torch uses propane, it is important to keep safety hazards in mind while using it:
1.    Ensure that there is no gas leak before lighting the torch. If you smell even a slight hint of gas, do not light it.
2.    While opening the valve of the cylinder, make sure it is not near any flammable objects that could explode when the gas starts flowing. When you turn the knob the right way, you will hear the gas passing.
3.    While a match can be used to ignite the torch, it is better to use the one provided with the propane torch.
4.    Make sure to turn off the valve when finished using the torch.
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Standard Propane Brazing Torch Kit