News»  Reasons to buy quality LPG Gas Accessories

Using LPG gas bottles for domestic or commercial purposes mean paying attention to every safety detail. Haphazard usage of gas bottles and accessories could court disaster. It is always wiser to go for only quality products when dealing with gas and gas fired equipments. Gas accessories play an important role in facilitating a smooth functioning of all your equipment. Hence it is of utmost importance to ensure that you buy good quality accessories from well known and genuine dealers. All the accessories should comply with the relevant standards of safety.
Gas regulators for instance are designed differently with different pressures for use with propane and butane since propane contains considerably greater pressure. The bottle valves for both the gases are also different. Use of interchangeable regulators is  certainly inadvisable and only quality products should be used here to avoid potential hazards. Our regulators are colour differentiated for ease of identification and use. Hoses used should be of superior quality since bad quality hoses may harden and crack later causing leakage which is hazardous.
The main reason to go for quality gas accessories is obviously safety. There should be no compromise on safety even if the costs are a little more. Browse through our range of bottled gas accessories. All our products are created with utmost care and precision and conform to all the prescribed standards of safety and quality.