News»  Portable gas heaters for winter

Portable gas heaters are your best bet for a number of reasons.

First and the foremost is the advantage provided by these heaters when it comes to bringing down your energy bills. Since the portable heaters can be used in the room where heat is required so you can avoid heating the whole house when only one room is required 

Besides these are light and easy to carry around the house or anywhere else you need these be it a shed or a garage or workshop.

Portable gas heaters are a blessing when you need that extra boost of energy during the cold spells.

At LPG Gas Bottles we have a great range of cabinet heaters that are ideal for all your indoor and outdoor heating needs. These can be easily used with Calor Gas, Flo-Gas or any other Butane bottle with a 21mm fitting. Our Lifestyles range of cabinet heaters is one of the best you will find and is very handy to use. We also stock portable gas fired blow heaters for commercial use which are quite economical. With these portable heaters there is no question of installation and these prove to be the most cost effective and handy solutions.