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A blow heater makes use of a fan to pass air over a heating element, which heats up the air that passes through for the purpose of warming up the surrounding room. A robust portable blow heater provides quick and efficient heating for commercial spaces such as factories, workshops, garages, farms or other requirements as well.
We have three options at Four Seasons Fuels. The 10KW, 15KW and 30KW blow heaters which are all suitable for commercial, industrial and garage use.
Features of the Lifestyle Portable Blow Heater
·      Comes with an adjustable regulator
·      Clean combustion with no odours Burner System
·      Low CO Emissions
·      Piezo Ignition
·      Easily Transportable
·      Overheat Cut Off Device
·      Flame Failure Device
·      Protective Glass IP44
·      Easy Carry Handles
·      Stainless Steel Construction
·      Adjustable Regulator In Box


Our blow heaters are extremely efficient and very easy to maintain too. All they require is adequate free space and a well ventilated area for functioning. At Four Seasons Fuels, we provide a fast, reliable and efficient service., including free delivery within 25 miles. We supply bulk gas, have a huge range of LPG Accessories, Gas Accessories and Equipment in stock. Browse through to have a look.

Portable Blow Heaters