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LPG Gas Bottles has a wide range of Butane and Propane gas regulators. These are suitable for a number of equipment types such as Gas BBQs, Patio Heaters, Camping Stoves and Gas Heaters. These can work with any propane or butane cylinder. You will find a good range of low-pressure Manual and Automatic Changeover LPG Gas Regulators. Our products are from leading brands such as Clesse, and TPA.
We have Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) versions available with us too. OPSO regulators prevent the occurrence of excessive gas pressure. Excess gas pressure can lead to hazardous conditions. The shut-off regulators close off if the regulator outlet pressure goes beyond a certain maximum pressure point that has been pre-set. We also stock changeover regulators with OPSO settings. These regulators ensure that you do not run out of gas and automatically switch to the reserve cylinder once the supply cylinder runs empty.
We have a good stock of changeover regulators and gas changeover kits which include propane two-way changeover kits, propane changeover kits with Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) versions, four-way change over kits, Manual Propane Changeover Kit, TPA Automatic Changeover Kit, Clesse regulators, etc.
Browse through the site or get in contact for details. We can also arrange to supply the regulators within UK.

 Over-Pressure Shut-Off (OPSO) Regulators