News»  Need of Spare Gas Bottle and Changeover Gas Regulators

These gas bottle changeover regulators automatically switch to the reserve once the supply cylinder is empty ensuring a smooth and continuous supply of gas and it avoides the supply of heat ceasing whilst you manually change gas bottles.

This accessory makes your changeover smooth and convenient.

There are two types of changeover regulators, manual and the automatic. Lpg Gas Bottles has a wide range of low pressure Manual and Automatic Changeover LPG Gas Regulators. We stock regulators of well known brands such as Clesse, and TPA. We also have the Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) versions with us.

Our gas changeover kits include propane two-way changeover kits, propane changeover kits with Over Pressure Shut Off (OPSO) versions, four-way change over kits, Manual Propane Changeover Kit, TPA Automatic Changeover Kit, Clesse regulators, etc.


Using your gas bottle to fuel a BBQ?
Do not be caught short by not carrying on spare gas bottle

For the bigger BBQ set ups it is useful to have an auto changevoer regulator so the BBQ can continue burning even if the first bottle of gas runs out


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