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If you are looking for a welding gas cylinder supplier in the UK, we have some of the best sources for you.

Among our collection of products that we sell, we have the Air Products` Integra® cylinder. This product was developed to meet the growing production and safety demands of today`s welding industry.

This product by Integra® is of supreme quality and the cylinder comes both 23% lighter and 33% smaller. This makes it more stable than traditional 50 litre cylinders but retaining a similar capacity.

Key Features:
· The Integra Cylinder comes with a built-in pressure regulator.
· The quick-connect system saves on to a lot of set up time.
· For ease of flow control, this comes with a complete range of flow control options.
· The live contents gauge makes it easier keep a constant watch for discrepancies.
· The system ensures complete safety of the user and provides ease of operation.
· This product renders improved productivity.
· The rate of welding rejects is minimised to a great extent.
· Provides a better working environment and offers greater reliability.
· Safer and easier operation.

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Key features of Air Products` Integra® cylinder