News»  Is Butane Gas Environmentally Friendly?

The short answer is simply, yes! Butane gas is an environmentally friendly gas and is one of the only gases which does not affect the ozone layer. This is why butane is the go-to choice for many people, especially when it comes to camping stoves and indoor use such as portable gas heaters.

Known as Liquefied Petroleum Gas or LPG, butane gas is also used as a substitute for CFCs in a lot of products. It is also used as a substitute for petrol and its products in order to reduce the pollution and its effect on the ozone layer.

The purest form of butane, also known as isobutene is used as a refrigerant coolant specially in household refrigerators. Butane torches are also used to make glasses and for plumbing jobs.

Butane is a fantastic alternative to other gases that have a negative impact on the environment such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and the like.

Despite its many benefits, it can still pose a danger if not used correctly as butane can prove to be quite hazardous in nature. If butane gas has been accidentally inhaled, it can cause serious illnesses such as blood pressure changes, drowsiness, memory loss and it can even be fatal in very high doses. However, if you stick to safe use and exercise good practice then butane is a very useful product.

All in all, it is a fuel source that is used very often for day to day uses and when used correctly with the right kind of equipment, such as good quality butane gas cylinders, it is a great resource with a lesser carbon footprint.

Is Butane Gas Environmentally Friendly?