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Gas cylinders when not handled or stored with care can be extremely hazardous. There are certain standards that need to be adhered to while handling gas cylinders so as to ensure safety and storage of gas cylinders is one of the most important.
While in storage, cylinders should never be left loose and must be stored in an upright position. There should not be any possibility of the cylinder tripping over.
In order to make sure that your gas bottles are stored properly and safely, having the right kind of storage is very important, be it at home or in a commercial space. Gas bottle cages are the best storage solution for your gas bottles. These provide you with a safe working environment, as one of the most important considerations when purchasing a gas cylinder cage is ventilation. The right kind of ventilation is essential to ensure the safe dispersal of gases, chemical mists, fumes and vapours if any.
Gas bottles cages are therefore the best storage option since these are open with no risk of ventilation issues, problems of accumulation of leaked gas, or danger of cylinders tipping and falling. The ideal external gas cylinder storage structure should come without a roof and the doors should be manufactured from steel wire mesh.
Our options at Four Seasons fuels come with exactly these specifications to store your gas bottles safely. We have single bottle as well as a double bottle storage options. Our gas bottle gages are delivered fully assembled and can be delivered anywhere in England.
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Importance of right gas bottle cage