News»  Importance of Propane Gas Regulators

Propane gas regulators control the output pressure of the gas and can be adjusted to a desired pressure as required. Propane tank pressure can range anywhere between 100 and 200 psi, however, it could go higher when the tank gets heated up in the sun. For safe use, this propane tank pressure has to be reduced and regulated for use in your home, caravan, motor home, or with an outdoor gas appliance.

A residential appliance usually requires a low pressure propane gas regulator which brings down the gas pressure to 6 ounces. These regulators are simply clipped on to the main propane gas bottle. Outdoor gas appliances often require access to a low pressure propane gas outlet like a portable tank. These portable gas bottles require pressure regulation.

High heat cast iron burners need high-pressure regulators as more volumes of gas is necessary which a low pressure regulator cannot deliver. There are also adjustable high pressure regulators available which come with output pressure adjustment control that is built directly into the regulator. The choice of gas regulator depends largely on the type of appliance you are using.

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Importance of Propane Gas Regulators