News»  Importance of Gas Bottle Storage Cages

Owning a gas cylinder, while extremely useful, can be highly hazardous if not used properly. It is important that anyone who is going to be around the gas bottle knows its do’s and don’ts to avoid any mishaps and accidents at your workplace or otherwise.
Gas bottles must be stored correctly – upright in a secure cage or locked facility. It should also have safety straps or chains. The valves of the cylinder must be checked again and again to make sure they are off before locking it away safely. A gas bottle storage cage offers the perfect solution to storing your gas bottles properly. As well as keeping your gas bottles safe, it also saves storage space and keeps them all neatly together.
A large single gas cage can store 4 bottles of 47 kgs each upright in a row, locked up for safety. The approximate weight of this cage is 80 kgs in itself so it is sturdy and strong enough to hold your gas bottles without toppling over.
1400 mm high and 1650 mm in width with a depth of 500 mm makes this cage the perfect space for your bottles without bumping into each other or other things around. The frame of the cage is 30 mm x 30 mm with a thickness of 3mm and its mesh is in a square of 50 mm.
The pad-lockable hinged door makes it easy to lock the cage as well as easily open it to remove and use the gas bottle as and when required. While a gas bottle sounds easy to use, its storage is more important than its usage as most accidents occur due to incorrect storage of hazardous materials.

Importance of Gas Bottle Storage Cages