News»  Handy guide for handling helium cylinders

When you hear the word Helium, oftenthe first thing that comes to mind is the floating balloons at birthday parties or other such functions. These are the best way to give a party an extra interesting element. Besides this is easily available in gas cylinders that are easy to use. There are just a few facts to be kept in mind while handling helium gas cylinders.
Helium is relatively safe as compared to the other gases and is non flammable and non toxic.

This can be used safely indoors or outdoors. However like with all the other gas cylinders, you have to take precautionary measures while handling and storing the helium gas cylinders.
You should arm yourselves with some quick facts about Helium and its properties, potential hazards, etc.
The instructions provided on the safety instruction sheets should never be ignored.
Gas cylinders are used for different gases and hence it is important that you recheck the label before making use of the gas.
One should avoid dragging the cylinder on the ground at any cost and it should ideally be used in the upright position alone.
The valve should always be turned off when not in use, no matter whether the cylinder is empty or not.
In case of helium gas cylinders, the filling kits utilized should not be of substandard quality and should be designed specifically for the cylinders in question.
When it comes to storage, these should be stored in a well ventilated area away from any kind of flammable materials.
These should never be left free standing. There are various safety stands or trolleys available for cylinder storage. The cylinders should always be stored upright and on a flat surface.
While transporting, one should ensure that there is no leakage at all.
The cylinder should be properly secured in the vehicle so as to avoid hazards in case of emergency braking and the like.
The cylinders should be unloaded as soon as possible and never leave in the vehicle unattended.
When it comes to inflating the balloons, care should be taken that it is not overfilled leading to the balloon rupturing.
The right kit should be used and the release of gas should be at the minimum level while connecting or removing the kit.
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