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Camping gas comes in two distinct gas bottles - coloured red with propane and blue with butane. These are commonly used for camping and caravanning purposes as they utilise gas-fired equipment. The choice of gas to be used depends a lot on the climatic conditions of the location. Butane isn’t the best choice for colder regions as it condenses at lower temperatures restricting its flow. Propane suits in such cases.
Butane, however, burns cleaner while also being less toxic. Butane cylinders are generally lighter and hence easily portable especially on your camping trips. Propane on the other hand can be used all year round, but butane is preferable except in places where the temperatures drop down to freezing levels.
There are various propane and butane gas cylinders available in various capacities that will suit different needs, including Camping Gaz. These include gas bottles in different sizes such as 9kg, 13kg, 17kg, etc for different uses. Each bottle is colour coded for ease of choice. If you do not have the correct connection devices from bottle to appliance, we can help you with that as well at LPG Gas Bottles UK. Get in touch with us for more information.

Gas Cylinder for BBQ