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Bottled gas or gas bottles are stainless steel, aluminium or carbon steel bottles that are used for storing compressed gases such as propane or butane. These gas bottles are usually known as gas cylinders. These gas cylinders are easily transportable and because of the simplicity they are mainly used for household purposes. Use of gas cylinders is a safe and convenient way of heating and cooking. Moreover these are environment friendly and can also be used for outdoor heating purposes such as during camping which is very common across UK.  

There are a number of businesses such as hotels and restaurants, timber driers etc that make use of gas bottles. Since it can be easily used outdoors it proves to be quite handy. Gas cylinders are good cost savers and hence see a lot of usage in businesses. It can even be used in vehicles and helps in reducing costs as gas is much cheaper than fuel. These are safe to use in vehicles and are as efficient as petrol. The engines run smoothly and even the carbon dioxide emission comes down to a great extent.

The cost involved when it comes to the gas cylinders are not a lot. For household purpose, one just needs to pay the cost of the cylinder and any other required fittings and after that jut the periodic rentals and the costs that are incurred in refilling the gas cylinders. When it comes to household purposes these are pretty safe. But if the gas cylinders are not used properly, serious mishaps can occur due to the mishandling and misuse of these cylinders. Some of the safety precautions that one must take into consideration before using the cylinders are as follows.

  • The gas cylinders should ideally be used in the upright positions unless any other instructions are given.
  • It is always better to turn off all the valves when it is not in use. And one should never change or lubricate the valves themselves.           
  • If there are any problems encountered during the use of the cylinders it is always better to report such problems rather than risk using it.
  • It is not advisable to transport gas cylinders in enclosed vehicles.
  • One should not drop, throw or connect the cylinders to any other devices other than the primary regulators.

These are a few of the safety precautions that one should follow in order to avoid any kind of mishap.

Gas bottles and gas cylinders