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Gas cylinders in industrial spaces should ideally be stored outside. It is one of the main recommendations included in the storage and handling of compressed gases to ensure safety. Wherever possible the cylinder storage should be isolated and should ideally be away from the main worksite, operations, building, and the production areas. Here are the main safety norms that are a must:
• Regularly check cylinders and their fittings for any possible leaks
• Protect cylinders from being knocked over
• Avoid storing cylinders in basement areas
• Ensure the maintenance of safe oxygen levels at all times especially when cylinder storage areas are being accessed or occupied by workers
• The storage must have a good natural or mechanical ventilation system
• Training staff and contractors so they understand the hazards of asphyxiation in at the workplace, the right use of breathing apparatus, plus steps to be taken in case of emergency is important
• The area should be secured to prevent tampering. Lockable cylinder cages should be ideally used for the same reason
Making use of these cages can extend the life of your cylinders, protect them from being dropped and damaged, and help prevent accidents. With a good storage cage, your gas bottles will stay in an upright position and not fall over - a separate risk in itself.
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Gas Bottle Storage Cages for Industrial Environments