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To ensure safety while handling gas bottles, it is important to store gas bottles in a particular manner as per the prescribed LPG gas cylinder storage rules and regulations. These may vary by cylinder, by use, by site, or by industry. Although the rules are not as stringent for domestic storage of gas bottles, it is advisable to go through the generally applicable rules to ensure safety.

These rules include the following:

    •    Gas bottles have to be stored in an upright position
    •    A solid base is important to secure the bottles and ensure that they do not fall
    •    Gas bottle storage should not be near any ignition sources, dry vegetation or combustible materials
    •    Cylinders should not be stored outside on surfaces where there could be water accumulation
    •    The storage space should be with good ventilation from where the dispersion of any gas leakage is ensured
    •    Protection from any artificial heat sources
    •    Cylinders of any size stored on a commercial premise that has public access need to be secured in a lockable cage, cabinet or an enclosure

These are some of the storage rules that should be given a thought so as to ensure safety. LPG gas bottle storage and protection can be achieved by making use of approved cages/racks to secure the gas bottles in place. The cages are designed to keep your gas bottles safe as per the approved specifications. The cages help you keep the bottles upright, secured and safe from fall and impact.

Our range of standard storage cages meets all the requirements necessary for the safe storage of gas cylinders. We have two different options: One for 12 x 18/19kg propane gas cylinders and the other that holds 4 x 47 propane cylinders. These come fully assembled and can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Gas Bottle Handling Rules - The Importance Of Holding Cages