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Gas Boiling Rings

Gas boiling rings are designed to be used with low pressure gas; Butane or Propane with the help of a suitable regulator and hose. There are various options available with single double or more burner options depending on the requirement.

Cast iron boiling rings are ideal for use for the outdoors especially while camping. Cooking over a fire fed stove, while a very exciting prospect, can be a tedious job and can take a long time to set up. In areas that are humid, finding dry wood and getting the fire started can need a lot of effort. In such cases, for outdoor living, the boiling rings are ideal as thay can be quickly set up. Also with a gas ring you have better temperature control and your utensils also remain cleaner (whilst in the case of cooking over fire can turn black).

Boiling rings are also handy for outdoor catering. These are compact and easily portable and give good heat output. Boiling rings especially the single burner ones are often used for demonstration cooking as well. These can be a good substitute for the larger cookiing equipment in csmall flats etc. Apart from the domestic uses, these are used for quite a few industrial purposes too.

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