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The conventional charcoal fired barbecues are great but they have their disadvantages like

-  the time and energy consumed in getting them started

-  cooking temperature varies much of the time

-  they can be messy

-  they can smoke a lot

To enjoy everything that goes with a great barbecue party but not have the trouble that comes with the conventional charcoal BBQs then a gas fired barbecues is the answer. These gas barbecues are portable and extremely easy to use.

They run on bottled gas (that we also supply locally) and we would recommend you acquire a spare gas bottle in case your current one runs out mid BBQ! With a gas fired BBQ the appliance heats up very quickly so is quick to start. It is also very easy and quick to control the heat of the BBQ to cooking is easy.

We have a great variety of different gas barbecues to meet most requirements such as gas hooded barbecues, flat bed barbecues, gas folding barbecues, outback, tabletop and lifestyle barbecues, We also supply the portable camping barbecues, mini gas Barbecues, stainless steel barbecues etc.

Whilst eating outside check out our range of portable heaters and patio heaters which are great options if in case you are hosting your barbecue party on a particularly chilly night.  These are convenient, very effective and priced moderately!

Gas BBQs/ Barbecues and Heaters