News»  Find a range of Gas Torch Burners for all types of welding uses

At LPG Bottled Gas and Bulk Gas Suppliers, we have quite a few torch burner and brazing kits for all types of welding purposes.
We stock the Autotorch kit for Propane No.230P which is suitable for industrial use. This torch kit is assembled with hose, regulator, and burner for immediate use. It does not require matches or lighters and is easy to light even in windy conditions. This product comes with advanced safety features and is easy to use.
Autotorch Brazing Kit for Propane No.404 is a medium frame and bronze brazing kit suitable for industrial use and can be used with any single cylinder of propane. It comes with automatic ignition and ready assembled for immediate use.
Standard Torch Kit for Propane No 110P has a comfortable flat nylon handle that is strong enough to withstand rough everyday usage. Assembled for use, the burner supplied gives a general purpose flame. Torch operates on propane at high pressure.
Our Standard Torch Kit for Propane No.140P comes with a1340  steel spring handle for contractors' use, 1230 burner, 1051 variable regulator, 2.75m high-pressure hose and two O clips. This works with a standard cylinder of propane at high pressure (0.35 - 2 bar).
Order from us today and we can deliver gas bottles FREE OF CHARGE to addresses within about a 25-mile radius of our office and yard located in Billingshurst, West Sussex.

Find a range of Gas Torch Burners for all types of welding uses