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Beverage gas is used in Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs. This is also commonly known as bev gas, beverage gas, beer gas soft drinks gas, or dispensing gas etc.  Beverage gas is used in soft drinks and lagers, ciders, stouts and smoothflow bitters etc. Apart from the fizz to the drink it also lends a good taste to it and gives the beer a creamier and smoother texture.

The different beverage gas mixes such as C02, 30/70, 60/40 and 50/50 are used widely in the UK.

Here are a few things you should be vigilant about while buying your beverage gas.
The label that displays all the relevant information about the contents and suppliers should be clearly visible.
The traceability label should be clear.
The valve outlet must be sealed properly.
The cylinder should be well within the expiry date.
The test date rings must be in place and valid.
Cylinder should be in a good condition without any traces of dents, rust etc.
Emergency contact number should be known in case it is ever required.
Risk and safety phrases should be clear
A visible hazard warning, usually the ‘diamond’ symbol should be present.

Our beverage gas cylinders conform to the Food Safety Regulations and are HSE fully tested and well within the expiry date. These are supplied in approved gas containers with the appropriate labelling which includes the batch labels for traceability.


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We offer :-

Bargas supply C02, 30/70, 60/40 and 50/50 mixes to Pubs, Bars, Cafes, Restaurants and Clubs through out West Sussex. We offer a simple but effective delivery system to ensure you never run out of bar gas. (Also called bev gas, beverage gas, beer gas soft drinks gas, or dispensing gas) - GUARANTEED. We understand without a prompt service your business cannot grow to its full potential.

All dispensing gas bottles are food grade quality, HSE fully tested and in date.

  • NO RENTAL - Why pay rental on full or empty cylinders?
  • FULL RANGE OF CELLAR GAS CYLINDERS SUPPLIED - Throughout the south east at competitive prices.
  • RELIABLE SERVICE - With a same day / next day delivery service for emergency calls.
  • COMPETITIVE PRICES - with no rental on cylinders.

- Regular milk round service to meet your needs

- Cylinders are connected if needed

 - Stock levels are controlled to keep you with the right amount of gas.

Contract Filling    
We offer contract filling for CO2 and Nitrogen. Please contact us for more information.

Local delivery only