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At Four Seasons Fuels, we provide gas refill services which you can make use of in case you are running on empty and need to refill or exchange a gas bottle. You can also refill your existing gas cylinder through our store.


New cylinders, those for which you have no suitable exchange, are subject to a £29.99 hire charge known as the cylinder refill agreement. We will otherwise fulfil our obligation to refill the cylinder by providing you with a pre-filled cylinder in exchange for an empty one or can provide a refill service as well. You can exchange a cylinder for a similar replacement refill cylinder.


In the absence of a suitable substitute, a new agreement is required to be drawn. To keep the details straight forward, we have a clear refill agreement in place to avoid confusion and issues, and to keep the process as seamless as possible.


Have a look at our 'Refill Agreement' here if you require a clearer understanding of the details.

Cylinder Refill Agreement