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If you are planning to make a switch from oil or any other kind of heating source to LPG, the question often asked is whether to switch to gas bottles or bulk tanks, as both can make great options. But if you are switching to gas for the first time, we would suggest that you first switch to a gas bottle before progressing to a bulk tank.

Starting with a 47kg propane gas bottle is always a good idea since you will be able to gauge your actual requirement well with it. A bulk tank solution becomes viable only when the usage goes above 2500 litres pa.

In the case of your usage being less than that it is better to go for cylinders rather than bulk tanks. Another important consideration is the space that a bulk tank requires. It is one of the factors that restricts people due to the larger space requirement. Also, there are several regulatory space requirements for home bulk tanks.

For instance, a 1200 or 2000 litres tank has to be located at least 3m away from all buildings, boundaries and any other fixed sources of ignition. A fire wall of solid construction can be put up along one or both the sides of the tank and requires a minimum separation distance of 1.5m. The area around the tank has to be free of any debris or overgrown vegetation and there has to be a clear space between the vessel and the tanker. The maximum length of the hose is 40m. These measures ensure safe delivery of LPG to your home.

The tank installation can be above ground or below ground, however, the customer is usually responsible for the necessary civil work. As you can see, the installation of a bulk tank can be quite a tedious process. So the choice between bulk tank and gas bottles largely depends on your consumption.

If your yearly requirement is low enough that you don’t require a bulk tank, you have the option of 47kg propane gas cylinders in 2 x 47kg packs or 4 x 47kg packs which can prove to be quite sufficient. If you have any questions, you can always get in touch with us. Our team is always on hand to offer expert advice and guidance when it comes to your gas requirements.

Cylinder or Bulk Tanks?