News»  Caring for your Gas Cylinder Regulators

Gas equipment and accessories play an important role in facilitating smooth functioning of your gas fuelled appliances. Therefore, it is very important that you buy good quality accessories and maintain them well. Gas cylinder regulators for instance need to be maintained well so that there are no issues with its functionality. A dirty regulator can carry debris or grease into your gas appliance when you use it.

Hence it is important that you keep the regulator clean at all times. You should always wipe it with a cloth when you are done using it. During a barbecue, you should be extra careful and not let cooking oil drip into the regulator as it can clog up the vents. If it does, you can wash the regulator.

For this you need to first shut off the valve on the gas tank. You can then remove the regulator and the hose from the cylinder. Simply dip the regulator into a soap and water solution. Once clean ensure that it is dry before reattaching it. The burners on the grill should be in the "Off" position before you turn on the valve on the tank.

For general wear and tear, every time you remove and replace the regulator, check the sealing washer around the valve. You will be able to catch any signs of wear and tear and will be able to avoid gas leaks.

In case of any issues with the regulator, never repair it on your own if it is malfunctioning. Get it checked from a professional and replace it if necessary. Any damage to the diaphragm, valve, or vent can also result in a leak. In the case of regulators that are small, it is better and more cost-effective to simply buy a new one rather than getting it fixed.

If you have a permanently fixed regulator that is malfunctioning such as one that is attached to a caravan or holiday home, do not attempt to repair it by yourself. You need to call a professional who has experience in fixing them. Similarly, for regulators that came with a gauge already fitted, in case of any issues, rather than tampering with it, it is better to take the entire regulator to your supplier and get it replaced if it cannot be fixed.

When it comes to gas equipment it is always better to be safe and only go for quality products. Cheap quality products and frequent repairs to save a few pounds can turn out to be quite hazardous in the long run.

Caring for your Gas Cylinder Regulators