News»  Caravan gas bottle holder with over pressure shut off.

Have you had a look at our Caravan Gas Bottle Stand available with a two cylinder changeover and OPSO (Over Pressure Shut Off)? This LPG Cylinder stand comes with pre drilled mounting plate along with automatic change over kits. This caravan stand will save you time and effort as it comes with a convenient installation system.
There is no need to drill holes into your caravan or walls. It has a freestanding plate which can comfortably accommodate your cylinders. This system ensures pressure delivery that is reliable and provides complete consumer safety with OPSO. It provides you with a good change-over performance. It is suitable for both 19kg and 47kg Cylinders.
The benefit of a two pack changeover is that when one bottle is empty it changes over to the other bottle. To avoid running out of gas the empty bottle should be replaced so that the whole process can start over with the "reserve bottle" switching to be the main bottle when required.

Browse through the website for more details, you can order this gas cylinder caravan stand online or over the phone. Local delivery is also free of charge.

Caravan gas bottle holder with over pressure shut off.