News»  Camping Gas; Propane or Butane?

Camping gas is most commonly used for camping and caravanning purposes. Camping gas comes in small cylinders that are easily portable and hence can be carried and used without any hassle for outdoor purposes and are very safe too. These cylinders are light weight which makes them easily portable. They have a safety valve that allows you to unscrew the cylinder from the appliance even if it is not empty. Amongst gas bottles you have the propane or butane gas options. So which gas is ideal for camping use?

Butane has  advantages over propane. It is less toxic and burns cleaner than Propane. Butane burns efficiently and as compared to propane you can get more gas out of a small butane bottle. Propane gas bottles are heavier, again giving butane bottles the advantage of being easily transportable when there is a lot to carry while camping. Propane however has one big advantage over Butane and that is being usable at freezing temperatures too. So Propane basically works all year round in places where the temperatures drop down at freezing levels.
Choosing the kind of gas pretty much comes down to what kind of weather you are camping in. In freezing and near freezing situations propane has the edge if not Butane is always better and convenient.
At LPG Gas Bottles we stock the full range of camping gaz bottles and have colour coded gas bottles for you. The 907 is the most popular cylinder size sold around the world. The campingaz 907 cylinder is ideal for a number of camping appliances available. The 904 is a smaller size version of the 907. This bottle can be used on any campingaz appliance.
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