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Campingaz Gas is the most commonly used gas worldwide for camping and caravanning. This gas, which is often a mix of propane and butane, comes in gas bottles of different sizes. Campingaz 907 is the most popular cylinder size and is suitable for a number of camping appliances. The 904 on the other hand is a smaller size version of the 907 Campingaz cylinder, and can also be used with most of the appliances.

Why is Campingaz the most popular choice for outdoor use?
·        The gas cylinders are light and easily portable
·        Good safety features
·        Safety valve that allows you to unscrew the cylinder from the appliance if it isn’t empty
·        Convenient and easy to use
·        The cylinder is refillable, making it a cost-effective fuel source
·        Long lasting cylinders that are perfect for powering larger cooking and lighting appliances
·        Ideal for a family holiday or for a big group
·        You can safely and easily remove one appliance and attach the cylinder to another
·        Campingaz cylinders are available in over 100 countries
·        Trustworthy choice

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Camping Gas Cylinder Bottles