News»  Bulk Stored Gas Saves Over Bottled Gas


For those who who use bottled gas for houseoild functions such as cooking and water heating there is a trend towards use of bulk storaged gas rather than bottled gas. By bulk storage is meant the use of gas storage tanks that are much bigger than gas bottle size.  Hence the neeed for constantly refreshing the smaller bottles is eliminated and also the gas you buy is at a cheaper rate ue to economies of scale.

 These special gas bulk storage tanks allow you to have your gas storaged in a neat and efficient manner and these can be fitted overground or even underground and do not take up much space. There is a just small opening for the refill and inspection purposes.
The refilling of the tanks is quite easy and we provide top up services as well. There are different packages available with different payment modes to suit your domestic requirements. Once you notify us about your consumption requirements, we can provide you with the best alternatives and packages. Do get in touch with us so that we can advice you with different options for your gas, central heating, cooking and other requirements.

Bulk Stored Gas Saves Over Bottled Gas