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Confused about which blow torch to go for? It is an easier decision to make when you can identify your requirements. First things first; Cartridge or Cylinder? What are you looking for? A small and handy handheld cartridge blow torch or a large propane cylinder blow torch that needs to be connected to a larger cylinder with a regulator and hose?

What are the options available?

Autotorch kit for Propane No.230P
o   Suitable for industrial use.
o   Kit contains a hose, regulator, and burner

Autotorch Brazing Kit for Propane No.404
o   Medium frame bronze brazing kit
o   Suitable for industrial use
o   Can be used with any single cylinder of propane.
o   Automatic ignition
o   Ready assembled for immediate use

Standard Torch Kit for Propane No 110P   
o   Comfortable flat nylon handle
o   Withstands rough everyday usage
o   Assembled for immediate use
o   Torch operates on propane at high pressure

Standard Torch Kit for Propane No.140P
o   1340 steel spring handle for contractors' use,
o   1230 burner
o   1051 variable regulator
o   2.75m high-pressure hose and two O clips
o   Works with a standard cylinder of propane at high pressure (0.35 - 2 bar)

The main advantage of all these blow torches is the low upfront cost. These are practical to use and easily portable. Propane cylinder torches are relatively economical to run in the long-run in comparison to cartridges. Heavy-duty blow torches come with a long neck and powerful burners that are used for road works, roofing, melting snow or weed killing. Browse through our options for more information on each one. In stock currently are the standard propane 110P and 140P variants.

Blow Torch Buying Guide