News»  Advantages Of A Gas Central Heating System

A  Gas central heating system is efficient, cost effective and runs automatically. 

Making use of water for the purpose of heating, this is also known as a ‘wet system’ where a gas-fired boiler heats water to provide central heating through radiators and underfloor heating. Homes that are not connected to mains gas can choose LPG that can be delivered to the home as and when required.

This system has quite a few advantages over other forms of central heating in terms of your energy bills too. 

Here are a few of the advantages of gas central heating:

    • Gas is a very efficient fuel and is also cost effective.

    • It is often cheaper than electricity

    • Gas is environmentally friendly and produces less greenhouse gas emissions

    • The efficiency of a ducted gas heating system stays intact no matter what time of the year.

    • It can provide instant warmth to every room at the touch of a button.

    • A concealed system is less obtrusive and does not get in the way.

    • The heat generated by a gas system is better when compared to the dry heat produced by wood which can be irritating to the eyes.

    • The initial installation costs can be easily paid off with the long term cost benefits provided by the system.

    • These systems are silent.

    •The heating process is quick and your home can be heated up in no time at all.

    •The central heating systems can be thermostatically controlled. These can also be turned off in rooms not being used.

Considering the many advantages of the system, now is a good time to switch to LPG gas. Get in touch to discuss installation, maintenance or just supply. We are competitively priced and happy to help. 

Advantages Of A Gas Central Heating System