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Bulk LPG storage tanks can be installed quickly and easily with minimum fuss. The installation can be done above or below ground, but what are the differences?

Well the choice between the two options depends heavily on the relevant specifications as well as local regulations. These are probably the two main aspects to consider and are typically a deciding factor when it comes to selection of a bulk tank installation.

Aside from the specs, you also have to take into account the costs involved. The initial outlay for an underground tank installation is generally around 15-25% more than the aboveground storage tank. Costs associated with long-term maintenance are also something to keep in mind.

An obvious benefit of the underground system is that it is concealed. This means that it’s not necessary to sacrifice a part of your property as is the case with an above-ground tank. Another important benefit of having underground tanks is that it is well protected from temperature extremes.

However, due to ease of access, maintenance is typically easier with above ground tanks. Regular maintenance is easier to carry out, which offsets some of the additional cost of any painting and touch ups that may be required.

The main thing that goes against underground tanks is the cost and hassle relating to the installation. It is necessary to excavate an appropriately sized opening, and then you have to ensure the tank is properly reinforced. In some cases, the quality of soil, such as that with high clay content, may be unsuitable for the tank. And then in the long run, it is also difficult to ascertain if the tank has any cracks or other significant damage.

If you have any doubts regarding gas cylinders or installation of Bulk Gas get in touch with us for more information. At Four Seasons Fuel, we don't just deliver your LPG. Even if you are not on a mains gas supply, you can enjoy the same benefits and convenience of being 'on-grid'. Once our sales team completes a site survey and explains where to site the tank in line with LPG codes of practice, Four Seasons Fuel can provide installations for either above ground or below ground tanks for domestic or commercial usage.

Above and Below Ground Bulk Tank Installation