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At LPG gas bottles we have propane and butane gas cylinders available in different capacities for different purposes. 11kg propane gas cylinders are the preferred choice for patio gas. Thanks to their compact size, they are safe and easy to move around. Their convenient size makes them a preferred choice for mobile caterers and even mobile homes. These are ideal for outdoor cooking and also are the correct cylinder choice for patio heating.
Our 11kg propane gas cylinders are easily portable and also make the best option for use in light catering, heating, caravanning and other light agricultural purposes. Our cylinders are refillable and prove to be more economical than mainstream brands.
At LPG Gas Cylinders we have propane bottles in different sizes from 2.7kg Camping Gaz to large 47 kg capacity. The different sizes of cylinders are available for various domestic and commercial uses. Please call us for advice or if you have any questions on connections and uses.
We have a number of different gas appliances and gas cylinder options available with us. Visit our website to have a look.

11kg Propane Patio Gas Cylinder